February 16, 2019

Helen Blacksmith is a native of Holyoke, Massachusetts, an educator, a dog lover, a life-long fan of romantic fiction, and now a published author. When she is not cheering on her beloved Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots she can be found spending time with her fam...

January 3, 2019

Recently Barbara had a successful book signing event in Stratford, Ontario at Knot Too Shabby (a bridal boutique that we recommend you check out. Their website is here).  

Book signings are always one of those things authors get butterflies for. But once a few folk...

December 10, 2018

Tree District Books signs William Roberts! 

William Roberts is the writer of The Vanguards of Terra.

A summary of the book:

Mason and Sam were ordinary people, living their lives day to day. Mason worked for roadside construction, and Sam went to college full-time. Their...

October 29, 2018

What makes a work worth writing?

Is it the release of your inner voice? Is it praise from the seemingly judgmental masses? 

Or is it sharing a piece of yourself with your friends and family, a piece you couldn't share in any other way? 

Only the individual writer ca...

October 25, 2018

So you've just googled its vs. it's. You've come to the right place. 

"It's" means it is or it has, while "its" indicates possession.

So if you are going to use "it's", say "it is" or "it has" in its place to determine whether or not you got it right. If it doesn't make...

October 14, 2018

It makes sense, doesn't it? After working in the banking industry for 30 years, a complete change was needed. Living in Dorset on the south coast of England, Fiona is now a Tree District Books author!

“And then she decides to kill them!” The latest synopsis for Just Des...

September 5, 2018

Tree District Books is proud to announce the signing of two new authors! Keep reading to learn a little more about them. We couldn't be happier to have them join the Tree District. 

Carla Coles

Carla dwells in the magical realm of Stratford, Ontario. She admits to being...

August 11, 2018

Ashton Shah since childhood has always been a self admitted day dreamer. He always wanted to be somewhere else, someone else. This pastime lead him into an interest in fantasy and science fiction. Science fiction works often deal with exotic aliens, space travel techno...

August 2, 2018

Today we proudly announce the cover reveal of the novel, Fate Cuts Both Ways, by our author, Barbara L.B. Storey. 

This cover art beautifully captures Barbara's story and its many twists and turns. 

The book is now on sale for Kindle! You can pre-order it today. Use...

July 27, 2018

Christopher Rector is a native East Tennessean. He is a disabled Army Veteran and he also served as a Deputy Sheriff in rural East Tennessee. He has lived in Germany, Ireland, Japan, and many other countries.

Due to a very difficult time with his disabilities from the...

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