By Helen Blacksmith 


After the death of her mother, successful physical therapist Tara Jameson returns to her family's beach house in the Outer Banks. It is her first visit since her heart was broken. Tara's mother disapproved of her daughter's love, Gwen Patterson, so she made certain that they wouldn't continue their relationship.� Instead of returning to the house they had visited every year, the Jameson's suddenly were not coming back to the Outer Banks.


Forced to go in different directions, Tara and Gwen moved on with their lives but never forgot the relationship that was abruptly cut short.


Now, reunited after thirty years, the two women immediately pick up where they left off and eventually the tension between them escalates. But has too much time passed? Will it only be a summer fling to end what was left unfinished or will they finally be able to build a future together?

The Summers We Lost