By Matthew R Taylor 


After years of struggling through his own world of darkness and coming to terms with being blind, Matthew R. Taylor rediscovered his love of writing and poetry in Writing in Darkness, his debut poetry collection.  Many of the poems in this collection touch on the darkness that Matthew has felt living without sight.  Prepare yourself to be emotionally unraveled by the pain, loss, and regret, and then restored by the moments of hope and humility Matthew has put into his work. 


"I unwind further. Fall down the dark hole a little more. Lose my footing one step at a time. It was nice while it lasted, this vague reality of hope. It's all been torn away. Ripped out from inside of me and stolen. I'll never get it back, and I don't care. I'm lost anyway. Like the last piece you can't find. An incomplete puzzle you toss in the garbage. Scattered, and undone."

Writing In Darkness