Book Review: 3/5 for The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews


I recommend this book for a beach read. It is set on a vacation island, it is a light, breezy read, and you don’t need expend a lot of energy to follow along.

In this book, Riley goes on vacation to Belle Island, North Carolina to find out her husband has been murdered and their vacation home is being foreclosed on. While investigating her husband’s murder, Riley uncovers unsavory details about her husband and his dishonest past. The mystery and Riley’s perseverance are the two drivers of the book.

This page-turner will have you spend the whole book trying to figure out who committed the crime, while the social dynamic of this vacation spot is relatable. Though few own vacation homes in vacation towns, everyone can relate to family squabbling and petty gossiping, as frequent visitors of this town turn this place of relaxation into high school again.

Though this is an enjoyable book, it is not a memorable one. You’ll pick up, read it in a few days, and stow it away, probably forever.

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