Exclusive Pre-Release Review: 5/5 For HumanKind

It's 2034. Michael's mother has passed.

Upon the death of his mother, Michael, only a young man, begins to go through her belongings where he finds unfamiliar and restricted military patches, money, and a diary.

"575 days in hell".....What does it mean?

It must be related to the cancer, right? Or is it something more?

Meanwhile, the President of the United States is receiving reports that an object is headed on a crash course with Earth. On the object are stylized pictures of our big blue planet.

In a world where the our governments have sent teams through space, and those teams return with warning signs, secrets begin to pile up and a potential threat approaches.

But for how long can these secrets remain?

Floppy disks, diaries, and an investigation may solve the mystery just in time for humankind.

What I Liked About This Book?

The book is written like diary entries. It tells you the place, date, and time. Nothing like good organization.

This book takes place in a believable future. Everybody has self-driving cars, wrist phones, everything is on the internet, cash is no longer a thing, and the news media is more paparazzi than news.

I always like it when a book is imaginative but possibly, in a way, foretelling.

Michael is very relatable. He is struggling with loss and experiences the roller coaster of emotions that is early adulthood affection.

You easily feel a bond to a lot of the characters. High school is still high school in 2034.

5/5 for Humankind. I recommend you check it out today. The Amazon page is located here.

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