4/5: Confessions of a Walk Away Wife

Adaora Allure makes you feel like you are with her when read her words. When you read this story, the character's self-deprecation and objective - sometimes harsh - view of her own life may take you aback, but the more you read, the more you will find it refreshing. By the end, you will nothing but respect for her journey from immature, people-pleaser who suffered injustices to a strong, independent and - most importantly - a happy Woman with a capital "W"!

There are aspects of the novel that are not unique from a storytelling perspective, but that's okay because certainly commonality is unavoidable to a degree. More telling, here I strongly believe it is the common struggle against an abusive husband and a marriage entered too early that further adds to the value of this work. Her honesty and perspective, not only about her husband and his struggle post-military, but about herself, takes a lot of courage. You can't help but to admire the character and the story.

There were a few spelling errors here and there. Overall the writing is very good, but at times the story can seem choppy. At times, also, it seems like the character gets lost in their own head and it is a bit too much stream of consciousness for my taste.

Notwithstanding, this was a great read! If you want to get an honest, hard look at self development and perspective, and seeing someone become a happy woman with a capital "W", you have to check it out.

You can buy the book here on Amazon. Visit her website here.