Why Use An Editor?

Whether you're writing the next great American novel, a media release, a business blog, or a term paper, hiring an editor can make all the difference.


An editor can eliminate embarrassing mistakes.

Small mistakes in a work take away from your shine. It looks bad and it hurts the credibility you worked so hard to create when focusing on the big ideas.

Let us take care of the small stuff and proofread your work.

An editor will improve the overall quality of your work and can help you with its direction, flow, and structure.

In other words, an editor can take those great ideas you have and make them jump off the page. A good editor will make your writing succinct, clear, and easier on the reader. A good editor will also ensure that your structure is sound and focused.

An editor can fact check.

In an era where fact checking is all the rage, don't fall victim to a "gotcha" moment. Editors make sure your facts are straight and that you read your sources correctly and that those sources are credible.

An editor gives you an objective fresh set of eyes.

When you look at something long enough, what you see in your mind is not necessarily what's on paper.

Further, we've all seen a case or two of rose-colored glasses. In other words, sometimes people think their work is near perfect when in reality they might want to change a few things. Nothing wrong with that.

Plus, its easier for a professional to give you a critique than it is a friend or family member. White lies help relationships, not careers.

An editor saves you time and money.

You have to spend money to make money.

Look at all the benefits an editor can get you. It's an investment.

Please Consider Tree District Books for your editing.

As publishers and writers ourselves, we are in a unique position to edit your work. We will analyze your audience and tailor our work to them and your goals.

We have professional backgrounds and have worked on everything from creative works to media releases to legal documents.

Get a quote here or email us at treedistrictbooks.com. Thanks!

Additionally, we provide a 10% referral reward if you refer a friend!

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