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Tree District Books Signs Christopher Rector To A Two Book Deal

Christopher Rector is a native East Tennessean. He is a disabled Army Veteran and he also served as a Deputy Sheriff in rural East Tennessee. He has lived in Germany, Ireland, Japan, and many other countries.

Due to a very difficult time with his disabilities from the military, a VA doctor suggested keeping a personal journal, which didn't go over well.

He started writing stories instead and these short story writings saved his life . It has led to the writing of his new novel, Permanent Change of Station.

Permanent Change of Station follows a group of Americans thrust into the Vietnam War in 1969. The characters, continuously rotate into and out of the unit. There is action, love affairs, and secret missions - what's not to love? Tree District Books will also publish The Russian Front by Christopher. The Russian Front is a war time thriller. The action moves from the North African desert to Lisbon, London, to Hitler's eastern front headquarters in East Prussia, and climaxes in a bloody battle in the no-man's land between Russian and German troops at Stalingrad.

Look for these books soon!

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