Cover Reveal and Pre-Sale Begins! Fate Cuts Both Ways by Barbara L.B. Storey

Today we proudly announce the cover reveal of the novel, Fate Cuts Both Ways, by our author, Barbara L.B. Storey.

This cover art beautifully captures Barbara's story and its many twists and turns.

The book is now on sale for Kindle! You can pre-order it today. Use this link here. It will later be available on other platforms, including direct download from our website and Nook. Paperback copies will also be available.

Book Description.

A set designer and a movie star are stranded together in the wilderness after filming. Upon realizing that no one is coming for them - her car won't start and he told everyone not to bother him - they decide to rough it out together. In an unlikely twist of fate, the little moments of smiles, flirting, openness and comfort begin to build into something more. The stranded weekend turns into a romantic fantasy. As all fantasies do, however, it comes to an end. Jon Jacobs is a movie star, after all, and Becca is just, well, Becca. When they return to the real world, friends and family begin to doubt the longevity of the so-called fling. How could these two people, who are so different and from different places, be this into each other after such a short period of time? Who is using who here? In the midst of these doubts, something happens that could bring them together forever. But will it last? Will fate allow it?


We are very proud to be Barbara's publisher. So if you enjoy a good new adult romance novel, and you want to support a great person in Barbara, check it out here.

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