Ashton Shah Signs With Tree District Books

Ashton Shah since childhood has always been a self admitted day dreamer. He always wanted to be somewhere else, someone else. This pastime lead him into an interest in fantasy and science fiction. Science fiction works often deal with exotic aliens, space travel technological wonders, and new discoveries. The best science fiction, no matter how far flung the setting, or premise, tells us something meaningful about ourselves.

His first novel, influenced by the Neuropunk movement, is Forfeiture, a vision of a possible future. A future where Ocular, a heads up display we use to navigate our world, dominates our existence.

Forfeiture takes place in Southern CA in the year 2102, where Los Angeles is heavily divided by class. The haves of the world are members of a potential one world government, the Communal Union.

The have-nots are largely designated forfeitures by the Communal Union. These are mostly criminals deemed as having no value to society by the Communal Union. They are exiles shunned by the Communal Union, but practice their Criminality in nearby Los Angeles, where they make up 35% of the population.

As stated, Forfeiture is a Neuropunk novel. For those who don’t know what that means, it’s a sub genre within science fiction. Neuropunk is a type of melding of cyberpunk and biopunk. Cyberpunk deals with a near future dystopian world in which technology is our main means of navigating, while simultaneously impairing our human existence. Biopunk is similar except that we use advanced biological technology, like cloning, gene therapy and other forms of biological enhancement, as our main means of dealing with our existence..

Neuropunk deals with us using our mind, neuroscience, as well as an understanding of consciousness to navigate our reality. Neuropunk is an aesthetic best depicted in the drum and bass musical sub genre of the same name, also referred to as neurofunk or neuro . The music is cold mechanical sound, mixed with aggressive drum tracks. The music paints the picture of a cold indifferent world marked by aggression and perceived forward movement.

Life isn’t always experienced this way, but the future world depicted in forfeiture is heavily tinged with this aesthetic, and represents a place both wondrous and terrifying. Forfeiture deals with technology, politics, religion, human nature, mortality, immortality, consciousness, ambition, compassion, family, criminality, love, and hate.

Look for Forfeiture coming soon!

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