Tree District Books Signs Two More Authors!

Tree District Books is proud to announce the signing of two new authors! Keep reading to learn a little more about them. We couldn't be happier to have them join the Tree District.

Carla Coles

Carla dwells in the magical realm of Stratford, Ontario. She admits to being a little in love with the city and its people. She shares her life with a husband, a kid, three teenagers, two birds, a kitty, and an occasional squirrel. She has as a fantastic tribe of friends and neighbors, who keep her inspired and motivated. Sometimes they bring her cookies. She really likes that.

Carla paints things and writes things and hangs out in cafes. If you see her feel free to say ‘Hi’. But watch out, she’s a hugger.

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Sarah Hannock

Sarah is from a small town in the middle of no where Pennsylvania, she fell in love with reading during the middle of Summer and the rest you can say has been history. If she's not reading you can find her typing the latest idea that popped into her head on her laptop, iPad, or phone. When real life invades and the bills have to be paid she's a full time pharmacy technician, enjoying the many perks of her job such as people watching and creating characters based off of them. The good ones, and the bad.

She loves baseball, played softball for 12 years, and any crime show on tv sucks her right in. Her pupper Duke is her best bud, her writing pal. The sound of the rain makes her soul happy. Her mom and sisters give her something to laugh about every day. Coffee is her brain food, chocolate just enhances it. And winter is her happy place.

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