Maria's Corner - Blogging, Can I?

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Does this feel like you?

“I’d like to write a blog, but I don’t know how.”

Blogging, sounds intimidating doesn’t it?

In essence, it’s scribbling down your thoughts online. Is it an article, photos, and/or journaling? It’s all up to you.

Why does blogging seem so difficult? It’s the consistency, but posting a blog doesn’t need to be as difficult. The truth is with anything you can find reasons to feel less qualified, intelligent, or knowledgeable to share something.

Everyone is talented and has perspective. Why are you afraid yours isn’t good enough?

Let me share something…

When I was in English class I barely understood sentence diagrams, punctuation, etc. And the books we were assigned to read – let me tell you!

I’d study so much for the quizzes. During the test the questions made sense to me, but when I got the grades back – embarrassing!

I failed just about every quiz about literature, grammar, etc. So I ‘assumed’ that I couldn’t possibly be an author…I was wrong!

Years later I became fascinated with the term ‘blogging’, but I didn’t feel qualified enough to write anything.

How could anyone who barely passed English class be a writer?

So there I was in front of a computer with a blank screen pondering what to type.

After what seemed like forever staring at the electronic box I placed my hands on the keyboard and typed the first word in my head. Then another word popped up, and another, and another.

Before I knew it there was something created by me on the screen. I wrote an article, and it felt grrrrrreeeeeeaaaaatttt!

If you’re waiting for that magical moment to happen, when everything aligns and you possess every skill and talent possible to be ‘capable’ to write, it won’t happen.

I wasn’t someone gifted to understand my writing class, but through experience I learned much.

Everyone’s path is different and unique. It’s part of the fun. Maybe you have degrees in writing. That’s fantastic and I applaud you!

Maybe you’re more like me and couldn’t understand The Great Gatsby no matter how much you tried. (Took me years to figure out the symbolisms in the book.)

Either way, if you’re feeling a desire to write – write! Don’t let whether or not the punctuation or grammar being perfect stop you.

Every time I’m at the keyboard I’ve learned something new. I’m definitely not an expert, but I am a student – of learning.

Keep writing. You’ll never know where it takes you. It can be your greatest adventure!

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