Tree District Books Expands Its International Reach And Signs Three More Authors

We are proud to have writers from all over the world: from the U.S. to Canada to the U.K. and all over Europe.

Recently we signed three authors that expands our international family.

Russ Trautwig

For Russell, as he says, "writing is a close third to breath and love as necessary components of a happy life." No matter how busy his life was - and it was busy as a business professional and father of five who loves travel - Russell always attempted to take an hour of his day to write. The casualty was often three or four hours of good sleep!

Russell tends to write on the dark side of fiction, including thrillers that contain just a hint of the preternatural or supernatural. Russell cut his teeth as a young reader on King, Ludlum, and Le Carre’ with a good dose of American classics like Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Poe.

He is thrilled with the publication of his debut novel, Dead Girls, a thriller with a Dorian Gray-like rock star villain and a strong, independent and slightly off-center but brilliant FBI agent/hero. Her investigation into a series of missing girls brings her face-to-face with the rocker and the evil force that controls him. It is a steamy, sexy, journey that includes shapeshifting, murder, and cannibalism.

Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson is a psychiatrist from Leeds, UK. He has been writing in his spare time since he was a teenager. A fan of fantasy and dystopian fiction, his work tends towards exploring the darker side of the human condition. When he is not working or writing, he enjoys travelling with his wife, both at home and abroad and, with a new puppy in the house, they are always kept on their toes.

Free City, is set in the not too distant future, where paid work has become the exception, and with the British government having done very little to support those out of work. Poverty has run rife. Many have turned to charity to get by, while others have taken more drastic actions, with a revolutionary group and a murder both taking actions to try and change the world.

It is in this tumult where we find Annabel, a talented painter with a sick mother to care for, Abdul, a well-to-do doctor who is increasingly discontented with the world, and Peters, a civil servant who is charged with investigating the murders as the police seem to have little interest in doing so. The three characters seem to be living very separate lives, but appearances are not all they seem.

The book is the first part of the Arctic Crimson series. Set over a year, Free City takes place from October to December, and in the remaining three books we will see the beginnings of a revolution, the government’s attempt to shut the rebellion down, and the ultimate the battle for the country.

Gréachán Gallda

Living and working in a remote Irish coastal village, Gréachán weaves the dreams of his heart through the natural beauty of his environment as he considers the intense emotional interactions of love and romance, loss and fear, peace and discord. He works partially on land and partially at sea and believes that he happily wanders the tracks of both this world and the other.

He has a selection of 100 or so poems. Two examples are here:

When You Walked Away

Tonight I watched you

Walk away from me.

The ache of your egress

Throbbed like heartache

Laced with excitement




Have been.

When Our Knees Touched

The world just goes on,

Like nothing happened,

As if the fabric of the universe

Didn’t convulse last night,

In that moment,

Surely unforgettable,

When our knees touched

Under the table.

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