William Roberts Signs With Tree District Books

Tree District Books signs William Roberts!

William Roberts is the writer of The Vanguards of Terra.

A summary of the book:

Mason and Sam were ordinary people, living their lives day to day. Mason worked for roadside construction, and Sam went to college full-time. Their paths had no chance of crossing. The world they knew would change the day Mason, after working late became empowered by an unknown source of Cosmic Energy. Desiring a new life for himself, Mason wants to use his powers for good and Sam, now possessing her very own destructive powers, must put her life on hold. As Mason and Sam deal with their new lives, neither of them are aware of the supernatural beings that seek to use them to reclaim their former power.

On A Personal Note

William was born in Lake City, Florida and went to Columbia High School. He graduated from ITT Tech and worked over five years with Comcast. His 2017 New Year's Resolutions was to write the first book in the series, and he finished it on October 17, 2017.

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