Helen Blacksmith Joins Tree District Books

Helen Blacksmith is a native of Holyoke, Massachusetts, an educator, a dog lover, a life-long fan of romantic fiction, and now a published author. When she is not cheering on her beloved Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots she can be found spending time with her family or her two pit bulls Olive Oyl and Oscar. With over twenty years of experience in the education field, her love for her students is what has fueled her to create characters and stories that are inclusive, diverse, and that represent those who do not typically have a voice in literary works. "I don't find it challenging to write what I know. There are already thousands of stories about what I know. The challenge is putting myself in someone else's world and writing them as authentically as possible and hopefully allowing someone to see themselves in what I write."

Helen's debut novel The Summers We Lost is a feel-good romantic story of first love and second chances that will leave you feeling nostalgic for yours.

The Summers We Lost

You never forget your first love. Especially when the choice to leave them was never yours.

Outer Banks, North Carolina. Home to gorgeous beaches, wild horses, and the place where young teens Tara "TJ" Johnson and Gwen Patterson first met. The place where their young friendship blossomed into first love, and where they experienced their first heartbreak when they were forced apart by TJ's disapproving mother.

Now thirty years later, both with families of their own, the two women find themselves on the same beaches where they first fell in love. Have the feelings for each other faded? Or will they discover that there is truth in the saying that "true love never dies"?