Maria's Corner - Hiccups

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Last month we talked about stepping back and recharging. This month is about hiccups. The the bumps in the road. The pebbles in your shoe.

They’re annoying and you can’t wait for them to stop. Feels like forever sometimes doesn’t it? It can also be the times that stop you in your tracks before making a mistake.

Writing is a gift. Every time we write a word something begins. New worlds, characters, dreams. Writing is literally creating.

How boring our lives would be without stories or objects to read. Seeing a book filled with blank pages…how does it make you feel?

Me, miserable and filled with possibilities at the same time. Sad viewing a blank book, but the ‘idea’ of filling it with new worlds and adventures, exciting!

What if we saw hiccups differently? If you’re unable to write, then maybe it’s time to research instead. What do your characters look like? What type of world are you creating?

If you’re writing nonfiction what are you exploring? If you were talking with someone what would you say about your book? The one who has the power to bring it to life is you. No one else has the stories in your head. It’s the right time and season with everything.

Sometimes I get caught up in my head planning what to work on next. Then, life happens.

Have you noticed in every adventure there’s a pivotal moment? Hiccups are that time.

What you do next will change the outcome of the story. If you’re like me, you can only focus for so long before taking a break. That’s okay. You’re the bit-by-bit person. There's a terrific author called Allie Pleiter. She wrote a book called, “The Chunky Method.” I highly suggest it. It’s about learning your style of writing and how to achieve your goals.

Instead of being a writer who can write all day, maybe you’re more like a ‘thirty-minute meals’ creator instead.

Remember, every word that’s written is etching your writing path. Embrace the hiccups as a water current instead of resisting them.

The journey might change, but you’re still heading in the right direction!

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